STOWL! Save the Observatory Wood & Lakefront

The proposed development of the Observatory Wood and Lakefront is an historic and significant event in our community!

It involves placing public land that has never been touched, that is designated by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission as a Primary Environmental Corridor, and the last remaining undeveloped natural land tract into the hands of developers to be enjoyed by the few rather than the many.   Development of this land not only decreases your land value, it requires an amendment of our Comprehensive Plan where the people of Williams Bay clearly expressed their desire to respect and protect our natural areas from development.

Take a stand against greedy developers!

There are many viable and better options for this land and we want those options explored.  For example, the woods and adjoining lake front could become a School Forest, a place for kids to learn about the natural world in an outdoor classroom, and it could be a public boat launch for non-motorized vehicles such as paddle boards, kayaks and canoes.  There is State and Federal funding available for these purposes.

We simply ask for more time to study viable land options for the Ob Wood that do not involve development and private ownership.  We also understand that the proposed development does not interfere and is separate from the preservation of Yerkes Observatory and the Yerkes Future Foundation.

Enter your contact information below to indicate that you wish to sign the petition in the message box.  The petition states:

I want the Observatory Wood and Lakefront preserved for the public.  I do not want the land to be developed for private use.